You never know who will be in your chair. Its our job to make everyone feel special while in the shop


How it works

When most people go to a barber shop, they plan on either sitting in line or being lucky enough to just walk in and be seen. While either option can work, we find it to be easier to make an appointment for your haircut or beard trim. You have a busy life as it is. Maybe you have to be at work at a certain time? Or maybe you have to a small window to get a haircut for your son after school and you don’t want to wait all evening to get in. we try to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to get in with us. You are always welcome to walk in and see what our availability is like. There are times however when we are fully booked and we are unable to take more clients. At least if you make an appointment, you know that time is for you. 

We keep it simple here at Crown and Stache. Services we offer include:

  • Haircuts

  • Beard Trims

  • Straight Razor Shaves

  • Facial Massages

  • Black/Gold Mask Treatments

** be sure to check with your barber for available services


“Love the environment and the energy! Megan does my undercut and does a great job on my designs and is quick and friendly“

Yelp  |  march 2019


Price List

  • Hair Cut  $25 - $30

  • Beard Trim  $15 - $20

  • Straight Razor Shave  $30 - $35

  • Black / Gold Mask Treatment  $20

  • Facial Massage  $20