Have you ever walked into a barbershop and immediately felt uncomfortable? Or tried to ask a question about products and got no answer from person your asking? At Crown and Stache Barber Company, those are two things you will never have to worry about. A friendly staff of barbers who take pride in their craft as well as possessing the knowledge to answer the questions you have in relation to the product we carry. Welcome to Crown and Stache Barber Company. We are a shop that is dedicated to providing our clients with the best barber talent in the industry while offering the widest selection of pomades and men’s grooming products. At Crown and Stache, you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable barber staff who take pride in their craft. Our mission is to provide customers with the best service and best products to keep you looking your best everyday!



Dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible

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What do you like to use in your hair? Are you looking for a new product to try? Do you like a “wet look”? Or a “dry look”? There are many options for your hair. It just depends on what your looking for. Consult with your barber about what hair product works best for you. We do carry a wide selection of grooming products. Some of the brands we carry are - 

  • Layrite Pomade

  • Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

  • Bona Fide Pomade

  • Suavecito Pomade

  • Shiner Gold Pomade

  • Slick Devil Pomade

  • And Many more……

Maybe you are looking for something for your beard or mustache? We’ve got you covered - 

  • Craft Grooming Products

  • Layrite beard oil

  • Bona Fide beard ointment

  • Grave Before Shave beard oils and balms

  • Firehouse mustache wax

  • Shiner Gold beard balm

  • Reuzel beard balm

  • And many more……