Hey everyone, 


Did you know we have expanded our services? We are now currently offering advanced facial and advanced scalp massage treatments! What makes these so special you may ask? Well, having a normal facial is beneficial yes, but our advanced facial is custom for YOU. Whatever you need, we have the products specifically for that. If you are struggling with dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, loose skin, tight skin, acne prone, etc. we have you covered! Scalp massages are the same as well they are also custom for YOU. If you are prone to dry scalp, dandruff, tight scalp, migraines, etc. come step on in and we can help. We recommend to get optimal results to come in for these 2-4x a month or more if you would like. Are facials are $20 which includes a mask and our scalp massages are $15. Book now for a custom treatment today!


Did you know? We are now offering grey blending services! You can get a grey blending service, add a cut along with it or any other services you would like as well. Come in today for a free color consultation so we know what color is right for you! Also don’t forget to ask about aftercare for your fresh color.